Glamstone is a Flexible stone veneer made from a thin sheet of natural stone, either Quartzite or Slate laminated to Fibreglass & Polymer backing. Tons of applications, easy to install & transport.

Glamstone is natural Stone made from Slate & Quartzite giving you timeless appeal! Tons of applications & easy to install. 

Previously the luxurious appearance of stone could only be achieved by the cumbersome & expensive process of installing real heavy stone – Glamstone has now made that history!!!! You can now enjoy the aesthetic appeal of stone in virtually limitless applications.

Glamstone can be used as a decorative cladding for both Interior & Exterior applications. Due to its light weight no further reinforcement is needed as you would have needed for heavy stone, it will not fail even when applied directly to Plasterboard, Gyprock, Cement sheets or Villa Board. It has the look and feel of real stone because it is made from thin layers of real stone.

It can be used for: Feature Walls, Facades, Kitchens -Bar Counters / Splash backs, Bathrooms, Interior Floors, Columns, Displays & Signage, Receptions & Lobby entries, Fence Panels, Marine & RV, Kitchens, Bathrooms,  Flooring, Signage   etc.

Applications can also be made to the following: Concrete, Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Metal, Plywood, Melamine, Fibreglass, Painted surfaces, MDF, Doors & cabinetry etc  

Glamstone is a natural stone veneer, colour and texture variances are not defects within the material, but are inherent to it and form part of the appeal of natural stone. All the colours are batched before packing but it cannot be guaranteed to match from batch to batch, so it is recommended that orders take into account future maintenance or re-fit possibilities.

About Us

Glamstone is an Australian family owned and operated business and are the exclusive agents for our products that are of German technology and standards but manufactured in India. We specialize in the import, warehousing & distribution of stone veneer products in Australia.   
    Glamstone has been tested as a covering veneer in many different environments and proves to be a superb material. 

FAQ - (Frequently asked Questions)

All products pass a very high standard of quality control. All sheets when made are stamped with information regarding its manufacture, Glamstone branding on the back of each sheet of stone assuring you will always receive a product of the best quality. 

Who can install Glamstone? - As no special tools are required and Installation can be done with the basic woodworking tools, many trades are able to install Glamstone - these include Wall Paper Installers, Carpenter, Cabinet maker, Tiler, Handyman and even most people are saving money and doing it as a DIY.

Do you offer an Installation service? - No we do not offer an Installation service. 

Where can we see Glamstone? - The best way is to get a samples of the colours of your choice or a full sample pack.

Can Glamstone be used for Floors? - Yes you can use it for Internal flooring - please follow guidelines for sealing as set out in the sealer section of application guide / specification information. 

Can Glamstone be used Externally? - Yes it can used for all external wall applications but its is not recommended to be used for external floor applications. 

What other Types of Sealers can be used? - We only recommend Synergy Impregnating Sealer as this not only seals and protects the stone but also leaves the stone in its most natural state. Other sealers can also be used, one which is easily available at Bunnings is the Crommelin Diamond Coat, this comes is Natural, Satin or Gloss finish, other Sealers like solvent based Tuscan Seal, Acrylic based Feast Watson and water based Slate Sealers can also be used but please test prior to use as some of these sealers dramatically change the colour and texture of the stone. 

Is there any other similar adhesives available on the market that can be used? - Yes there is - other adhesives that can be used are - Sikaflex, Selleys Proseries Adhesive Sealant, Bostik's Seal & Flex and many other polyurethane base construction adhesive 

Is there any tip on spreading the Polyurethane Adhesive easily? - Yes there is - Before opening place the sausage in the sun to warm up, this makes it softer and much easier to work with. sealants. Please test and follow manufactures specifications. 

What is the best way to fill small gaps from cuts or walls that are not square/ straight? When this happens you can feather into these gaps or bead the edges with either the polyurethane adhesive or use colour matching silicones. Make sure that the Glamstone is completely sealed prior to doing this if not you will have large staining problems when trying to clean up. 

What is the best cleaner to use for cleaning up? - White Spirits works best.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we can add it to our FAQ list.